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2600 Lake Meadow Drive, McKinney, TX, Vereinigte Staaten
+1 972-854-9209 ·
"Jake muttered groggily. “You hit your head.” His father's voice said. Jake turned his head several inches and again the room started spinning." -
9495 East Florida Avenue, Denver, CO, Vereinigte Staaten
+1 303-369-8514 ·
4.234 Berichte ·
"We sang the same song for the first10-15 minutes, when the preacher finally came to speak.. well .. he muttered two verses from the bible, and then the ..." -
360 Springbank Drive, London, ON N6J 1G5, Kanada
+1 519-473-7777 ·
3.38 Berichte ·
"As we got up to leave and she was walking away she also muttered 'don't leave a tip or anything.' Even if our elderly companion hadn't left a tip on the ..." -
16075 Sierra Lakes Parkway, Fontana, CA, Vereinigte Staaten
+1 909-428-4951 ·
4.15 Berichte ·
"Everything he muttered to me was just that; a low, almost inaudible mutter. I could barely hear this guy because he was always looking off into the distance ..." -
6139 Kearney Avenue, Lincoln, NE, Vereinigte Staaten
+1 402-464-0164 ·
"Kevin muttered. “That would have been so cool, because I would been sent to hell! And hell is gonna be one big party, and all my friends are gonna be in ..." -
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McKean, PA, Vereinigte Staaten
+1 814-823-4410 ·
4.55 Berichte ·
"your dog muttered say filled with grievances sentence, hands and wrists clasped with each other, to get a contact and also nike free 3 reported: “Uncle ..." -
2531 Brindle Drive, Harrisburg, PA, Vereinigte Staaten
The Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace
+1 717-671-4945
3.032 Berichte · $$
"The waiter brought it out and simply muttered "Happy Birthday." and walked off. I am not a princess by any means, but a smile and some genuine give a ..." -
35 Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London NW1 8AJ, Vereinigtes Königreich
+44 20 7482 7163 ·
3.853 Berichte ·
"He then muttered some expletive and sauntered off to the cash register to perform the calculation electronically. Whilst doing so he turned to me and ..." -
1657 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, QC H3H 1L7, Kanada
+1 514-939-3329 ·
3.386 Berichte ·
"She muttered very quietly to be careful, because it was hot. Of course, our baby immediately reached for the plate and my husband had to shove it ..." -
6904 Allentown Road, Temple Hills, MD, Vereinigte Staaten
+1 301-449-8822 ·
4.614 Berichte ·
"She muttered something again, and basically hung up on me. Suffice it to say, based on this phone conversation, I will NOT be bringing my dogs to this ..." -
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